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No barcode, no party, no ID, no beers - Who is Brer Vole?

May. 21st, 2007

01:11 pm - No barcode, no party, no ID, no beers

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Last summer I stopped carrying my out of state driver's license that expired in 2004. Despite the expiration date - it continued to serve a useful purpose every except the road.

Over the past few months I've been getting out to the kinds of places need proof of age to enter. Do you know I'm ~40 (I guess I look like (ack) I'm in my 20s still.) Fortunately, most of these places either just let me in when I appeal to reason or showed them a patient ID for Mass General that has my DOB.

Yet Saturday I tried to buy wine - and two credit cards, a MGH and two photo IDs wouldn't do it. The attendant pointed out that we have to run your bar codes though the machine.

I think its time for me to make own ID. I think I'll be from DPRK.

"Go back to bed America. Your government is in control again! You are free - to do as we tell you!" -Freeland

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