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Who is Brer Vole?

Brer Vole
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Government is like an angry drunken parent; no thought or reasoning; lots of violence and broken promises.

Here's one:

Education : physics, EE, and AI

Operate a small business (just me) that designs assorted electronic gadgets. It doesn't make any money (well no more than I need to live) but that's really not why I do it.

I am a creator - gaining great pleasure from designing and making something actually work. The more I don't know about what I'm doing - the more I enjoy it. And I constantly remake my environment to suit my desires (whims?).

(By todays standards) I am a radical extremist I try to live my own way, and believe in the existence of absolute reality and truth (although I'm far from discovering it) - and that your mind, logic, and your senses are the only way to knowledge. My life is essentially a process of attempting to discover the Truth where ever it leads me.

I believe that all people have a right to their own lives (for themselves) in the way that THEY choose. This means that only crooks demand your money or property to aid someone else's life; that you should not be protected from yourself; and that the possibility of you doing something dangerous isn't a crime.

I love the outdoors. Presently am into biking, sailing, and hiking in NH. To complete my life I require a big dog (wolf), 40++ acres of trees and hills in NH, and a good girl. A monkey or two on my imaginary land would make things even more interesting.

My other home : MITERS

And this needs to be here too : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-capitalism